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Baby Monitor & Alarm alerts you more times again

Today we have released new update of iOS version of Baby Monitor & Alarm.  Besides completely new design optimized for iOS 8 and big  screens of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it brings back the awesome feature of repeated alert calls whenever baby is awake.


Till now Baby Monitor & Alarm has been limited by iOS restrictions and the application had to be manually restarted after one call. But this is the past:-)  In iOS8 were these restrictions removed and therefore Baby Monitor & Alarm  now automatically restarts itself and can make more alert calls to pre-selected number during one monitoring. Check it now – new update of Baby Monitor & Alarm is now available at App Store.


Baby Monitor & Alarm screenshots


Baby Monitor & Alarm is easy-to-use and reliable app that make alert calls to any pre-selected phone number whenever there is a noise in your child’s room. Developed by parents for parents.

Feature highlights:

  • Phone Alert  – when there is a noise in the room, calls to any pre-selected phone number  (and it does not have to be an Iphone or Android)
  • Sweet dreams – plays your child’s favourite song or fairytale from your library before he goes to the bed
  • Mum’s Voice – plays a familiar voice when your child wakes up . It helps to soothe the baby and send it back to sleep again (e.g. you can record your own lullaby)
  • Activity Log – records detailed information on what happened in your child’s room. You can later replay the noises or forward them into email.
  • Night Mode – Baby Monitor & Alarm can work during monitoring as a Night Light or can even display friendly animal to make your child feel safe
  • Ample application settings – every baby is unique – especially yours. As parents ourselves, we are well aware of this, and we have prepared the settings screen so that you can personalize everything about your ‘Baby Monitor & Alarm’.

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