We are starting Geotag Photos blog…

Geotag Photos Blog

We are starting Geotag Photos blog…

We are 2 weeks after launch of our application Geotag Photos for iPhone. Thanks all for their comments, we got plenty of feedbacks, most of positive ones. We decided to create this blog, where we will reply to most of general questions and where we will also write about planned features, that we are working on now.

First, we would like to introduce ourselves – as authors of Geotag Photos project or Whatsapp photo. We are 2 brothers, both interested about photography, traveling and also new technologies. So first me – Jindrich Sarson. I’m developer of iPhone part of this application. I’m developing iPhone applications for more than a year and this is my fourth app. If you will have some questions about iPhone application Geotag Photos, I will reply to you.

My brother, Jan Sarson created that desktop geotagging Java based application, prepared website design and so. Jan is very good in web and Java programming and he is currently working on Geotag Photos desktop application improvements.

That that’s briefly about us, in next posts you will find practical information and news from project. So don’t forgot to put this blog to your RSS reader or bookmark folder!

What do you think?