Geotagging of RAW files and GPX export is coming soon!

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Geotagging of RAW files and GPX export is coming soon!

Yes, it is true. There were 2 wishes from you and we want to fulfill both very soon. First some users prefer their own geotagging desktop application. They are used to work with it, it has some special feature that our geotagging Java based application doesn’t have or so. For GPS data, ekalyan is de facto standard file format GPX – it can be used not only for geotagging, but also for track view, sports statistics or so. So that what we did and what is working now in beta version is GPX export of trips taken by Geotag Photos iPhone application. You will be able to download GPX files from Geotag Photos website, from same section, that you use for run of Geotag Photos desktop application. We will release this feature within a week, but if you want to test it, write us to and we will enable you this feature just now!

Second request was to support RAW file format. There is more RAW formats (for example Nikon has it’s NEF, Canon CRW). Fortunately, there is open source perl library, that can handle all of them. So Jan is currently working on extension of our geotagging desktop application so support this files. He showed me today promising demo, when raw picture from his Nikon D90 camera was geotagged successfully. But – there is still work to finish it and make it easy to use. But – within we think, that we will be able to release it within 2 weeks.

So that are news from Geotag Photos development. If you have feature request, send it to us, write it to this blog comments or so. We will add it to our todo list and implement them, as we did with GPX and RAW support.

What do you think?