Using of geotagged photos in Flickr

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Using of geotagged photos in Flickr

Flickr is well known web based service for sharing photos. You can upload your photo galeries there and then send link to your friends and they can see them. One of the function of Flickr is to display geotagged photos on the map. In this article, we will describe, how to use this functionality.

First, you need geotagged photos. If you are user of Geotag Photos application, just download you pictures from camera to some folder in your computer, and geotag them using Geotag Photos desktop application. After this, we are preparred to upload them to Flickr.

Some users thinks, that you have to manually place photos to the map in Flickr, that geotagged photos are not supported. But it is not true. For some security reason, you have to allow this in Flickr. How to do this? You have to login to your Flickr account (using yahoo login and username) and then click to “You” menu, and “Your account” entry. In Your accound page select Privacy & Permissions tab, and then scroll down for Import exif location data and change this value to Yes.

Now, you can upload your photos (using web interface or better free Flickr uploader) and location information saved in them will be used. I know, that video is better than 1000 words of text, so here is it!


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