GPX export function just released!

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GPX export function just released!

As we wrote one week ago, we decided to develop GPX export function for our geotagging application. Some of you asked for this, and why not to do it, when you want it? So, after few days of beta testing, it is now enabled for all customers. How to get this function? First, you have to upload logged data from your iPhone as usually. Then just login to your account and you will see new tab there – GPX Export. After clicking on this, you will be able to select trips, that you want to export and after clicking on Export button – your GPX file is generated for you.

If you are not familiar with GPX – few word about GPX format. GPX format was developed as a standard file format for location data exchange. Most of current hardware GPS devices are supporting this. Because it is standard format, you can use it with various applications. For example – some photo editing tools support this. You can use “Import GPX” function in Apperture, that will Geotag you photos that you have in your Apperture library. There also web based tools, that will analyze your trip (for example, that will show you, how many miles / kilometres you did, how fast you were etc.) or you can display your track on map (you can use tool for this).

If you have your popular way of use GPX format, feel free to share with us in comments! Also feel free to let us know, what other functions you want to have in Geotag Photos.

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