Bug in Aperture application – wrong interpretation of GPS coordinates

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Bug in Aperture application – wrong interpretation of GPS coordinates

We got some bug-reports for our iPhone geotagging application from users in Australia, that pictures geotagged by our application are placed in wrong place, thousand of miles away from correct place. As an example, we got an photo from one user, that was taken in Melbourne, Australia, but placed in Apple Aperture application somewhere in North Pacific Ocean near Japan coast. Well, this didn’t make us happy…

So that we’ve looked to our code, tried to import that photo to various applications – it worked correctly in Google Picasa, Apple iPhoto… Only Apple Aperture placed it again and again to North Pacific Ocean. It would be too easy to say: “bug in Aperture”, isn’t it? But we didn’t want to believe this.

So that if looking to our code and testing didn’t bring us any results, our friend “Google” showed us interesting thread on official Aperture discussion forum. And it seems, that this is really Aperture bug. You can look at this thread and read it yourself: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2348910, similar experience is also described there: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=11092952.

So that – is Geotag Photos unusable for Aperture users now? Not really. You can use GPX export and then import GPX file into Aperture (using GPS -> Import track). It should work correctly. But don’t forgot to check timezone of your camera and iPhone – it has to be same. As our Geotag Photos desktop app can work without setting of correct timezone, for GPX export it has to be setup properly.

We also send bug report to Apple and we are looking for another workaround. Stay tuned!

Update: newest version of GeotagPhotos desktop application can fix this bug! Just install ExifTool plugin (use Setup button) and select RAW+JPG geotagging engine. Then, Aperture will load geotagged photos correctly.

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