Geotagging of RAW files (NEF, CR2 and others) – beta version

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Geotagging of RAW files (NEF, CR2 and others) – beta version

After  2 weeks of hard work Jan finished new version of Geotag Photos desktop application. I will write separate article about this version soon, but today I want to introduce new and most wanted feature – camera’s RAW format support. Yes, we got a lot of feedback about our Geotagging application and one of biggest disadvantage for professional photographers was lack of RAW format support. So it is history now.

Today we’ve released beta version of new Geogag Photos desktop application, that supports majority of RAW formats. Doesn’t matter if you are using Nikon camera (with NEF format), Canon (with CR2 format), Sony (SR2 or ARW format) or any other. We prepared plugin, that integrates well known and great ExifTool with Geotag Photos app. We also focused on easy installation of this plugin – just click on Setup icon in Geotag Photos desktop application and follow the instructions. After that, you should enable RAW format in Setup window and that’s all. You can start geotagging of your photos in RAW format. And as with previous version, our application is working in Mac OS X, Windows and even in Linux.

Please note – we’ve released this version as a public beta. So that – even we’ve tested it, it is still piece of hot cake. Final version (with translations to other than English languages and some other improvements) will be released next week.

If you want to try, login to Geotag Photos web site and select Start beta version of Geotag application link. And don’t forgot – we warned you, that this is beta version… Let us know to our email, if you find any issues.

And here you can see video how it is working:

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