New version of Geotag Photos desktop application

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New version of Geotag Photos desktop application

Thank you for your feedback, that you gave us during latest 2 weeks. Based on them, we prepared new version of Geotag Photos desktop application. There is plenty of new features, I’d like to introduce some of them.

  • New GUI design – maybe you don’t care about graphics, but we tried to make our application more easy to use. We added new quick open dialog with recent open folders and also toolbar with access to all important functions.
  • New open folder dialog on Mac OS X – for me very important feature – open folder dialog was really bad – non standard. We don’t know, why Java on Mac OS X uses this dummy Open dialog, but we’ve hacked Java little bit and now you can use standard Mac OS X Open folder dialog, using left sidebar with favorite places or so.
  • RAW files formats support – we wrote about this in post Geotagging of RAW files, so that now we released official version of RAW support in Geotag Photos application. We are supporting for more than 20 of different RAW formats, including most used NEF, CRW, CR2 and others. Complete pictures format list, for that we support geotagging: jpg, nef, cr2, crw, dcr, ciff, erf, orf, k25, kdc, mef, mrw, nrw, pef, raf, tif, tiff, raw, arw, rw2, srf, sr2, srw, x3f, dng

So that enjoy this new version and give us your feedback! We are also improving iPhone application, we will write about some of new features in other post.

Jindrich & Jan Sarson, authors of Geotag Photos for iPhone

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