New version of Geotag Photos and free Lite version

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New version of Geotag Photos and free Lite version

We are proud to announce new version of Geotag Photos for iPhone. Changes are not mostly visible for users, but we improved GPS grabbing part of application and we also improved map view of current trip. Based on your feedback, we made functionality to display whole trip on map, not only selected part. You can switch view from current part / to whole trip using button in map view.

Another new version will be released just after new iPhone firmware 4.0 will be released by Apple. We already have working version on iPhone Beta 4 firmware, which using multitasking feature of iPhone OS 4.0. Yes, with iPhone OS 4.0 you will be able to run Geotag Photos on background, so that you positions will be logged even when another application will run. We will post demo how it is working soon.

And latest news is for customers, that didn’t buy Geotag Photos yet. We released free version of our Geotagging solution – Lite version of Geotag Photos. Lite version allows only manual position logging (that means, you have to press button, if you want to log position), but all other features are there, including GPX export, RAW images format geotagging support etc. And you can even try automatic logging – you can enable it 3 times for 8 hours in Lite version. So – don’t wait and download Geotag Photos Lite, if you want to try!

And as always, let us know, if you have any comments to our application, we will implement changes to new version of our geotagging solution based on your comments.

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