Geotag Photos for iPhone supports multitasking!

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Geotag Photos for iPhone supports multitasking!

Yes, it is true. As you maybe know, new iPhone firmware 4.0 will support multitasking (on iPhone 3GS and new iPhone 4). It is not “plug and play” however, we had to made some changes into application to support this, so that you will have to upgrade to new version to use this functionality. Today, we’ve finally finished testing and uploaded new version of our geotagging solution Geotag Photos and free Geotag Photos Lite to AppStore. It will take few days to approve, but keep you fingers crossed to be available on 21st of June – day, when everybody will be able to upgrade iPhone to iPhone OS 4.

So that how it will work? Simply. You will just start logging as usually, but instead of to be forced to leave application running on foreground, you will be able to click on Home button of your iPhone and do anything else (like perform call, start another application or so). Geotag Photos will still run and log new positions. When you will want to stop logging, you just simply open Geotag Photos again and stop logging using stop button.

As a result of using new multitasking code, there is one big advantage – it consumes less battery. Yes, according to our testing, now you can logging for more than 50% of time, that you was albe using non-multitasking version. So that again, keep your fingers crossed and with a bit of luck, you will be able to download new version in day #1.

And what about users, that don’t want to upgrade to iPhone OS 4 or that are using oder iPhone 3G, that doesn’t support multitasking? No problem – even our new versions of Geotag Photos will work on iPhone firmware 3.1 and above.

And as always, please send us your feedback. We want to be best geotagging software for iPhone 🙂

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