Plans for Geotag Photos 2.2 release

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Plans for Geotag Photos 2.2 release

Geotag Photos 2.1 for iPhone with multitasking support is behind us and now is time to think on new version. Thanks to all customers, that sends us feedback and request for new features. No feature request disappear, we are putting all of them to TODO list and implementing them according of number of request to each feature. Now version 2.1 is in development and we are planning to release it probably in July (depending on Apple approval process, as usually).

Do you wonder, what will be in Geotag Photos 2.2? We are planning this:

  • some of you wants to use GPX export without uploading data to our server. Although we think, that it is easiest way, how to get GPX data, in Geotag Photos 2.2 will be possible to export using iTunes file sharing function
  • we want to also improve Map view of Geotag Photos – currently, Map view displays historical data, but we want to make it live, so that new position will be displayed on map immediately
  • some of you wants to run our desktop geotagging application through Start menu on Windows or through Dock on Mac OS X. So that we are working on modified version of Geotag Photos desktop application, that will work more as a standard desktop application. Sure original way, how to start it (through web) will be available as well.
  • We are also implementing timezone support – so that if you forgot to change time on your camera / iPhone, you will be able to select timezone offset and your photos will be geotaged without problems (now, when you forgot to change time on your camera when timezone is changed, just write us email, we can help you even now :-)).

And sure there will be bugfixes, other small changes, we want to also focus on even better battery life… So that interesting month is behind us.

Yours Jindrich & Jan Sarson, Geotag Photos authors

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