Geotag Photos gets online customers support

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Geotag Photos gets online customers support

As we are improving our geotagging application, we want to also improve communication with you, our customers. Although we tried to make our application as simple as possible, there still can be cases, when you need some help. Until now, you wrote email, we replied and so on. But, we are in 21st century, so that let’s use something more modern :-).

You’ve probably noticed green “Chat with us” or “Contact us” button on our website (text is based on condition if we are online or offline). Using this button, you can start online chat with us, Geotag Photos developers and we can help you instantly. It doesn’t matter, if you are using free lite version of full Geotag Photos, we will reply to everybody. But not only this. Plupper (that’s the name of service we are using for this) supports also other features:

  • share idea – you can add there your favorite feature request or vote for already entered ideas. You can also check status of each feature – you can look, if we already started to work on it or so
  • bugreport – yes, it can happen even in better families – even in our app can be bug. Please file bug report and we will fix it as soon as possible.
  • send us email – if we are not online, you can send us email

Hope, that you will like it!


Jindrich & Jan Sarson, authors of Geotag Photos

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