New beta version of Geotag Photos desktop application

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New beta version of Geotag Photos desktop application

As we wrote about week ago, we are continuing with improving of Geotag Photos. In this blog spot, I want to introduce new version of Geotag Photos desktop application with features, that you asked for. And what is best – you can start using this version now – even if is beta, it is pretty stable. But first – what we prepared for you?

Integration of Geotag Photos with your operating system

This was one of the most requested feature – yes, we agree, that it can be boring to login to our website whenever you want to run Geotag Photos desktop application. So that – it is over now. You can still use that old method, but with this new beta, you can also simply add Geotag Photos to Application folder (on Mac OS X), Start menu (on Microsoft Windows) or to desktop (on Linux).

How is it working? First time when you start Geotag Photos application, you will be asked, if you want to integrate Geotag Photos with your operating system. You can do the same task using the Configuration dialog after you start of Geotag Photos. And – that’s all. No more of running from web, just run Geotag Photos from your desktop, as any other application.

You can even use “remember password” and “autologin” function, so that no more boring logins…

Not to be lost when the time is not correct

It hapened even to us – camera time and iPhone time was not synchronized properly. Yes, we are writing this everywhere, as the rule number ONE – you have to have same time on iPhone and your camera to make geotagging with Geotag Photos working. But – this advice will not help you, if you realize time mismatch after the trip with hundreds of photos taken. It can also happen very easily, when you travel to different timezone – iPhone change time automatically, but not the camera.

So that we decided to implement “fix time” function into Geotag Photos. This function is disabled by default (we want to leave user interface as simple, as possible), but you can enable it in Configuration dialog:

Then you will see actual delta time in Geotag Photos status bar and you can change it. After this time change, your photos will be reloaded and you will see new results in few seconds.

As we noticed earlier in this post, we released this version of Geogag Photos as the public beta. Fell free to try it, send us your comments (you can use “Chat with us” / “Contact us” button to send bugreport / feature request). If you want to use this beta version, click on Run beta version link instead of the big blue button “Run the application”. New features about iPhone geotagging application will follow on this blog next week :-).

That’s all for now, have a nice weekend and happy geotagging!

Your’s Jindrich & Jan Sarson, authors of Geotag Photos

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