Geotag Photos gets User Guide and new version of Desktop application

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Geotag Photos gets User Guide and new version of Desktop application

Last week made us pretty bussy and we are happy to announce 2 important things today. First – Geotag Photos gets its User Guide. We are always focusing on simplicity and easy to use, but we thought, that it would be nice to have all information about Geotag Photos features in one document. So that you can download Userguide, currently in English version only, but we are planning to translate it to all supported languages in the future. User guide describes both iPhone and desktop application, so that after the reading of it, you should be master of Geotag Photos! Please feel free to send us your comments to user guide, we will update this document by your comments.

Second important news is about our geotagging desktop application. We released beta version of it last week and after the week of testing and getting feedback from you, we decided to release it as the final version today. So that, all of you can use those new exiting features:

  • desktop integration – no more need to run Geotag Photos desktop application from our website – it can be added to Applications / Start menu. Just allow desktop application on first run, or use Setup function of Geotag Photos – just click on System integration
  • support for fixing of time issues – if you didn’t have same time on both you iPhone and camera, you can now enable Fix camera time function in Setup dialog. Then simply click on Edit button near fix camera time text on status bar to adjust diference between camera and iPhone time

We are also working on new version of iPhone part of our geotagging application, so that stay tuned! Jan (one of authors of Geotag Photos) is also on trip in Asia, so that we will post his experience with Geotag Photos on this blog soon. You can look forward for his geotagged photos from Dubai, Thailand and Burma (Myanmar).

Yours Jindrich & Jan Sarson, authors of Geotag Photos

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