Geotag Photos 2.5 – looking for BETA users just now!

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Geotag Photos 2.5 – looking for BETA users just now!

As we wrote in previous post, we are finishing our Geotag Photos 2.5 for iPhone. As we rewrote of significant part of Geotag Photos, we want to be sure, that everything works, as you expected. Therefore we decided to create beta version, that is available just now for fist 20 users, that will want to try this version and also want to provide us feedback from this version. Every participant will receive then free iTunes promo code for full version of Geotag Photos, or if you already have it, for any application that we’ve developed – your choice.

If you want to try new shiny version of Geotag Photos (sure for free), you need to:

  1. Check your iPhone unique UDID. We need it to prepare beta version for your iPhone. It is easy, there is free app for this. Or you can check it through iTunes, if you want. look at this article.
  2. Apply for beta – just simply fill this form. Only what we need from you is your email and UDID.
  3. We will send you then email with Geotag Photos application. Only you have to do is to open attachment file with iTunes and synchronize it with your iPhone

We can include only limited amount of users into beta program, so that if you want to be part of it and try the newest, what we do, please apply quickly! Please note – it is beta version and it can have bugs, some features that will be in final version are not yet there or so.

And what is new in Geotag Photos 2.5?

  • totally rewritten GPS logging core – uses less battery, is more flexible
  • GPX export through email or iTunes (using file sharing function of iTunes)
  • better timezones support
  • trip actions
  • and hundreds of on first look invisible changes, that just makes app better

You can look at this article, where are new features described in detail.


Thanks to all participants, we already have enough beta testers, so that beta program is closed for public. But – if you are blogger or works in news, you can apply to our Beta program for press. Apply NOW!


Jindrich & Jan Sarson, authors of Geotag Photos

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