Geotag Photos 2.5 – finally submitted to AppStore

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Geotag Photos 2.5 – finally submitted to AppStore

It took longer, that we expected – but finally, we sent new version of Geotag Photos to AppStore. Maybe you wonder, why it took so long, when we have almost finished version 3 weeks ago? The reason for this is, that we decided to release beta version to allow test Geotag Photos more that 30 users and hear their feedback, before we release it to public.

We think, that it was worth of it. We got beta testers, that tested Geotag Photos in really remote areas (like Sumatra in Indonesia or Myanmar) and we were able to improve our code to work best even in those situations. We also added few more features – like possibility to switch map type in map view screen.

We hope, that from this delay will benefit you – users. So what is new and noteworthy in Geotag Photos 2.5:

  • GPX export through iTunes or Email – no need to upload your data, if you don’t want to use our geotagging desktop application
  • Trip operations screen with possibility to rename / delete whole trip and export it as well
  • Improved Map View screen with nicer track view and possibility to switch between normal / satellite and hybrid view of map
  • Improved GPS core – more accurate and more energy saving in some situations
  • Improved timezone support – now we display all trips with local time + timezone offset, if it is different from current timezone
  • plenty of small bugfixes and tiny feature improvements, that should make your life with Geotag Photos better 🙂

So that thanks to all beta testers – you provided us really valuable feedback. And keep your fingers crossed to be Geotag Photos 2.5 approved quickly (now is unfortunately waiting period longer that a week :-().


Jindrich & Jan, authors of Geotag Photos

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