Geotag Photos 2.5 for iPhone – available on AppStore now

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Geotag Photos 2.5 for iPhone – available on AppStore now

Actually, it took shorter time, than we expected. Reason for this was bug in version 2.11, that made Geotag Photos less accurate, that we (and you) expected (in fact, there were used some debug settings by mistake). We kindly asked Apple for expedited review and result from this is new version of our iPhone geotagging solution available today.

We already wrote about new features  in this article. But we added few more things during  beta testing period:

  • possibility to switch map view to satellite or hybrid view
  • support for hi-res Retina display on iPhone 4
  • support for altitude information in GPX export

Maybe you will also note of app name change – because we have lite version, we decided to change of full version to “Geotag Photos Pro”. We spent almost 2 months with preparing of this version and we hope, that you will enjoy it. Lite version of Geotag Photos 2.5 will be available within a week.

But this is not latest news today :-). Yes, we have another surprise for you today, but give us few more hours, until we release it. We will write about it on this blog for sure.


Jindrich and Jan, authors of Geotag Photos

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