New feature on the web: Your Trips!

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New feature on the web: Your Trips!

We have good day today. Our geotagging app Geotag Photos 2.5 was approved and that’s not all, what we wanted to announce today!

Have you wonder, why is list of trips with GPX export on so ugly? So we did. And we decided to change it. And as the result is completely new functionality of Geotag Photos web, that will really enhance your possibilities of trips management.

I think, that video is better than 1000 words :-). So that look on it & then login to your with your account, this functionality is enabled for all users now.


If you want to read, what is new, here is it:

  • new cool table with all of your trips. Easy to search for any trip and easy to go thought long list of trips
  • click on trip name and you can look on your trip on the map!
  • somebody of us wanted to delete the trips – now this function is here
  • GPX export was improved as well – now if you export only one trip, the filename will be same, as the name of the trip (and not that ugly name gpxexport.gpx as before)

Maybe you will also notice other small improvements of web, you can find direct links to the user guide and blog on the top of each page and we also fixed bug, that avoid to execute login for just by pressing “Enter” key (this problem was in latest Google Chrome and Internet Explorer).

So that have a nice weekend and don’t forgot to give us feedback! As usually, we will implement most of feature requests, that you write to us.


Jindrich & Jan Sarson

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