Geotag Photos for Android – beta version

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Geotag Photos for Android – beta version

Well, not everybody has to have iPhone, I guess… So that we decided to port Geotag Photos to Android platform. Android is amazing – yes, it is not so easy to make nice GUI with animations for Android, but from the other way, there is much less issues for example with background tasks (that Geotag Photos is using).

Currently, beta version of Geotag Photos for Android is finished. We tried to implement all functions, that are in iPhone version, we also tried to make easy to use GUI, that you know from iPhone version. Android users will receive same features, like automatic / manual logging, map view, GPX export and integration with our desktop geotagging solution (means geotagging of almost all image files – JPG and more that 20 types of RAWs – NEF, CR2, CRW, …).

It will take some time, before we will release this application on Android Market, but now we want to provide this version to 20-30 beta testers. If you have Android phone, please feel free to signup to Geotag Photos Android beta program (we already have enough beta testers, thank you!).


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