New version of Geotag Photos Pro (for both Android and iOS)

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New version of Geotag Photos Pro (for both Android and iOS)

After our release of Android version we again focused on iOS version little bit. But because we really like to work on our projects, we released new versions for both platforms. Android version was released today, iOS version is currently in Apple approval process, but we hope, that it will be available soon.

What’s new in Android version

First we are happy, that our geotagging application Geotag Photos Pro for Android is successful! Thanks to all Android users that bought our app, it is not true, that Android users don’t buy software. Also we are happy, that only 4% of users canceled their order (every app downloaded from Android Market can be refunded in first 24 hours). This makes commitment to us to continue with our work on Android version.

So what is new? We mostly focused on language localizations. First version of Geotag Photos Pro was available only in English language, but this new one was translated to German, France and Czech. Those languages was mostly requested by our users, so that we just done it. Regarding other new features – please send us feedback, what you want to have in next version. If you request for feature will have sense, we will implement it.

What’s new in iOS (iPhone) version of Geotag Photos

Again, we implemented features, what YOU as our customers requested. We also fixed bug, that can happen, when traveling frequently during different timezones.

New features:

  • it can happen, that you deleted your trips on web site accidentally. In previous versions, you were little bit lost then – there was no way to reupload your trips. This changed in new version – just new Reupload button is in Upload screen.
  • When you run Geotag Photos Pro in background, it would be nice to have idea, how many locations was logged during your trip, right? So that we implemented nice function, that will display number of new logged locations since you put Geotag Photos Pro to background – this number is displayed near to application icon. This number is really number of new locations since you went to background, so that if you resume Geotag Photos Pro, it will be set back to 0.

Hope you will like those new features and don’t hesitate to send us your feedback!


Jindrich & Jan from TappyTaps

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