We have offline version of desktop application!

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We have offline version of desktop application!

When we originally developed Geotag Photos application, we focused on simplicity of whole geotagging workflow. So that we created process, when locations data grabbed by phone (iPhone or Android phone) are transfered to secured server and then they are loaded by our desktop application and used for geotagging of your photos. It is fine for most of users and fine in most of cases and will be still preferred way, how to use Geotag Photos Pro.

But with increasing popularity of Geotag Photos Pro, we have also users, that are traveling to really remote areas, where the internet connection is not available (yes, there are still such places). Also some customers just don’t want to send the locations data anywhere through internet. We think, that you are the customers and if you want something, we should make it. So that Geotag Photos desktop application – offline version was born.

How is it working? Since version 2.0 of Geotag Photos Pro, we are generating GPX file for every trip automatically. In GPX files are stored all positions with timestamps for each trip. You can simply take those files from your iPhone (using iTunes) or your Android phone (you can find them on memory card). Our offline version of the desktop application can import this GPX file then and geotag photos as usually. No need to use network – just connect your phone to your computer, get GPX file and that’s all.

One video is better, that 1000 words, so that let’s look, how it works on Mac and iPhone. For Windows / Android users it is similar.


You can download beta version of Geotag Photos offline desktop application now. You need Java 1.6 installed, this is same, as with online version. Application runs on all major operating systems. Please send us your feedback!


Jindrich & Jan from TappyTaps

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