Geotag Photos – offline desktop app goes to production

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Geotag Photos – offline desktop app goes to production

Thanks for all feedback from beta-testing of Geotag Photos – offline version of desktop app. We fixed few bugs and final version is here!

Why to use offline app?

  • if you are traveling to places, where will be no internet
  • if you don’t want to transfer your data through internet

For everybody else we recommend standard (online) desktop application – it is more easy to use.

How to use:

  1. export GPX file from Geotag Photos mobile app
  2. copy your photos from camera (you can skip this point, if you want to geotag photos directly on the memory card)
  3. download Geotag Photos – offline desktop application. This application will be installed after the first run and you will be asked, if you want to add shortcut to this application to Start menu / Application folder
  4. Run the application – first open GPX file and then select folder with photos.
  5. Click on Geotagging button and you are done!

Please contact us, if you have any question regarding offline app. It is still hot stuff, so that there may be some issues (although thanks to long beta testing we believe, that there will not be too much of them).

What do you think?