Geotag Photos 2.8 – notifications, improved GPX export

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Geotag Photos 2.8 – notifications, improved GPX export

We are just about to release new version of Geotag Photos Pro application. As always, we implemented most requested features from you, our customers. So that if you have any brilliant idea, don’t left it for yourself, send it to us! We will be happy to implement it in future version.


Even happen, that you realized, that you made photos, but there was some problem with GPS signal – you were in building or in narrow street, so that position was not logged? Or have you traveled across time zones and forgot to set your camera time to local time? This will not happen again, thanks to our new notifications!

  • notify, when GPS signal lost – when this feature is enabled, we will send you notification, when we were enable to detect your current position. Then you can fix it easily, just step to place with better view to sky or near the window, if you are in the building.
  • notify me, when Time zone changed – you know this – bored after 8 hours flight in economy class, just went outside of plane in new country, start Geotag Photos, take pictures… But you forgot to set local time on your camera. This don’t happen again. We will notify you, when timezone changed since your last launch of Geotag Photos. We will even notify you, if the timezone changed during logging.

Sure both notifications is possible to disable, if you don’t want to use them. Look at Settings & Upload screen.

Better GPX export

This will notice only small amount of users, but we still made it. Generated file will be more accurate, especially wen you stay longer time on one place and then you move. We also improved Aperture compatibility (in fact, we made workaround for Aperture bug) for GPX files generated by us.

And last, but not least – some users, that are using email GPX export asked us for possibility to enter default email. We agree, that it is boring to enter same email again and again – so this option is there as well – in Advanced settings.

This new version will be released soon, but if you want to test it now (iOS only), please use this form to apply. We are using TestFlight, standard tool for sending beta versions of iOS applications. Final version will be released for both iPhone and Android.


What do you think?