Got new phone? Migrate your existing Geotag Photos account to it!

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Got new phone? Migrate your existing Geotag Photos account to it!

Well, it happen even to us, as users of Geotag Photos Pro. From time to time, you may need new phone. Either the old one is too old, without those fancy features, that you want to use or you can simply lost your phone. In Geotag Photos, account is linked directly with your phone. So that what to do, if you have new phone, but you want to continue to use your old account?

Until now, you had to write us, we did some “magic” in our database and switched your account to the new phone. But from today, everybody can do this by himself. There is an easy way, how to do it:

  • Use Link with function from your new phone. Nothing new is there, you have to enter your email, then you will get email from us with link to registration
  • On the registration page, you can now select account migration function. There simply login with your existing account to prove, that you want to migrate your account.
  • After that, simply click on Link with new device button and that’s it!

Generally, what will happen?

  • we will assign your new device to your old account
  • we will also transfer all trips, that you made with your new device before the registration
  • the old device is still possible to use with Geotag Photos app, you only need to create new account for it

Note again: Migration of old account is prepared for that case, when you don’t want to use your old phone with Geotag Photos with existing account any more.

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