New major version of Geotag Photos desktop application (XMP support, speed improvements & more) – updated

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New major version of Geotag Photos desktop application (XMP support, speed improvements & more) – updated

Jan, author of Android and desktop version of Geotag Photos pro just returned from Thailand trip and took more than 5000 photos there. Sure all of them were geotagged using our Geotag Photos Pro application, but he also realized one thing – the geotaging was little bit slooow. Honestly, it took minutes to geotag those thousands of photos. Maybe not big deal for somebody, but we saw challenge to make another improvement. And when we realized to update desktop application, we also decided to add few new features. After busy days & nights beta final version is  here!

  • drastic speed improvements – really, now the geotagging of photos is about 10 times faster, especially on Windows platform. We also speed up loading of image previews and improved showing of progress when geotagging.
  • fix camera time function is not limited for max 2 days anymore, new field for day is there. Read more about fix camera time function in this article
  • something for PRO users. In this new version we support XMP file format and separate XMP files for photos. What does it mean? XMP is standard defined by Adobe for describing of pictures metadata. In compare with EXIF it can be stored in separate file – the advantage is, that original file with picture is untouched. Note – not every software supports this. For example Adobe Lightroom (and other Adobe apps) supports, but not iPhoto or Aperture. You can enable this feature in Setup window.
  • few UI improvements – now app looks more native especially on Mac OS X

This Geotag Photos desktop application is currently in beta. After 3 weeks of testing and implementing your valued feedback we decided to release final version of Geotag Photos desktop application 3.0. You can still run older version, if you want, but we don’t know about any reason, why you should :-). We are also users of Geotag Photos Pro, so that we are very happy with this new version – especially that speed thing (about 10 times faster geotagging on Jan’s computer) is amazing.

We will be happy, if you share your experience with Geotag Photos Pro with others, either writing about it, tweeting, liking us on Facebook or so. With more customers more updates will come :-).

As always, we will be happy to hear your feedback and feature requests.


Jindrich & Jan, authors of GeotagPhotos

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