Desktop version of Geotag Photos is getting new update!

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Desktop version of Geotag Photos is getting new update!

As we were getting feedback from you, users of Geotag Photos, we realized that we could make desktop app even more easier to use for new and regular users. When something goes wrong, it was hard to figure if you have selected wrong folder, forgot to upload your trip or if time in your camera does not mach the time in your iPhone 8 Mobile. Especially, when you have problem with different time, you had to calculate the time difference manually.

We have worked hard to make the app more simple, strait forward and also better looking. Today, we are exited to announce, that new desktop app got into beta and you have the possibility to try it!

So what is new?

  • Improved design offers more clear workflow
  • Improved error dialogs – if something went wrong, we are now trying to explain clearly, what it is. For example – if you forgot to upload your trip, if you  selected wrong folder or if the time in your camera was  incorrect
  • Automatic time fix – When the time in your phone does not match the time in your camera, you don’t have to count the time difference anymore. Simply enter the actual camera time to the desktop app and we will do the rest.
  • Improved ExifTool implementation – We improved ExifTool integration, so that now it will be even more easy to geotag various camera file formats
  • Simplified setup – Our main goal is to make the app as easy to use as possible. We have made setup more clear without removing any features. Fix camera time is now always displayed on the status bar

This new desktop application is currently in beta, but we already tried it on thousands of photos. In case you will find any bug, please contact us at You can find new beta version next to standard version there. Thank you for your feeback!

Your guys from TappyTaps.

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