Java problem on Windows 7 (now fixed!)

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Java problem on Windows 7 (now fixed!)

Update: the problem is fixed now, Geotag Photos desktop application is runnig on Java 7 update 5 without problems.

Users with Windows 7 64bit and latest Java 7 update 5 may experience problems launching desktop Geotag Photos.  “Server connection error” message appears right after launching the app and it won’t load.

We are working on fixing this problem, but in the meantime, there are two workarounds , how you can launch Geotag Photos:


1. Installing older Java 

As far as we know, this problem happens only on Java 7 update 5.  You can remove Java 7 update 5 from your computer (Start > Control panels > Programs & features >java 7 update 5 > remove)  than install latest version of Java 6 from here:

After doing that, Geotag Photos will run correctly.

2. Using Geotag Photos Offline app

Only the online app is affected by this problem, so you can use the offline app.  You can download the offline app from here:

Then just email yourself the gpx file from your trip, open it in offline app and and continue as you are used to.  You can transfer the gpx file also using iTunes, if you have iPhone or it is stored on memory card, if you have Android phone.


We really apologize for difficulties  and we will fix this issue as soon as possible. If you have any questions or if you experience this issue on different OS than Windows 7 64bit, please contact us on




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