Installing Exiftools plugin on Mountain Lion

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Installing Exiftools plugin on Mountain Lion

Some of you may experience issues with installing Exiftools plugin
while launching the desktop app for the first time on OSX Mountain
Lion. Unfortunately this happens because of new Gatekeeper  feature.
Exiftools is required for writing GPS information to your photos, but
the solution is really simple.

To resolve this just go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy >
General and enable installation from “Anywhere”
Mountain Lion security settings
Once you change the Gatekeeper settings, you can launch desktop
version of Geotag Photos  for the first time and install Exiftools

Now you can change back the Gatekeeper settings if you want and Geotag
Photos will continue  working correctly.
If you have any questions or any problems let us  know on  and we will help you.

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