Geotag Photos 3.0 is coming (soon in App Store!)

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Geotag Photos 3.0 is coming (soon in App Store!)

We are happy to announce, that we are just finishing new major version of Geotag Photos, version 3.0. It is some time, since we did bigger update – but we didn’t forget on our customers, so that new version with some very nice features is here. Some of the main features:

Automatic export to Dropbox

If you are Dropbox user and use GPX files for geotagging (hallo Lightroom users!), you will definitely love this feature. Simply link Geotag Photos with your Dropbox and that’s all. Since then, all new trips will be automatically exported to your Dropbox folder. No manual export – just set once and forgot.

Sure you can disable automatic export feature, then you can export every trip manually from trips management page.

Dropbox settings

UI improvements

Geotag Photos is almost 3 years old. We started to develop it when iOS 3.0 was the newest thing in the world and some design decisions are outdated now. Also we got very useful feedback from you. One of most non-logical things was Upload function hidden in Settings & Upload page. So that we completely changed this. Settings are now just settings. You can display them using Settings icon on main page. And the upload button is finally on main screen, visible only when needed. Hope you will like it!

New upload button


We also swap Autolog & Trip history items – it is more logical to have Autolog item together with the main logging section.

And last but not least – all buttons & icons were repainted and whole GUI little bit polished.

Beta version is available now!

The good news is, that we are currently in state, when the most of work is done. Yes, we have to finish translations of new texts and do some testing, before we send 3.0 to App Store. Now we want to invite few existing customers to our beta program to test this new beta version. If you want to try this new features now, please apply through Testflight  (beta is closed now, new version will be in App Store soon!).


Jindrich from TappyTaps

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