New Geotag Photos 3.0 is available and how to use it with Lightroom

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New Geotag Photos 3.0 is available and how to use it with Lightroom

Today the new update of Geotag Photos Pro is available so, don´t forget to download update via the iTunes App store.

We’ve described the improvements in previous post. The trip upload has been moved to main screen, there has been some UI refreshments, but the most noticeable improvement is Dropbox integration, which is awesome if you are using Lightroom to geotag your images.

You no longer have to email yourself the GPX file, but it is automatically uploaded to your Dropbox folder.

We’ve created tutorial, which will show you how amazing and simple it is:

Dropbox integration is currently in iOS version, but Android version will receive this feature as well.

We’re really trilled about this and we hope that you will like the new update too.

Feel free to write us your feedback in the comments bellow and in case you have any questions, or problems, send us email on and we’ll do our best to help you.

In case you like the new update of Geotag Photos, it’d be great if you spread the word about it to your friends, who may like it too.

PS. Not to forget, the update also brings new shiny screenshots to App store, but if you have already purchased Geotag Photos, we guess it won’t change your life that much 

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