Geotag Photos Pro back on App Store!

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Geotag Photos Pro back on App Store!

Geotag Photos Pro is now back on App store.  We have left critical bug in previous update, which causes crashing to user who skipped previous 3.0 update.  Therefore we decided to pull Geotag Photos back from store to prevent you from downloading it.

New update is now released and the app should work correctly.

Geotag photos now requires iOS 6. The reason for this is that Apple force us to use new vendor identifiers instead of UDID (device identification numbers), which are available only on iOS 6. These identifiers are critical for Geotag Photos to handle data uploads, so we can’t stop using them them.

In case you prefer staying on iOS 5, please contact us and we will try to send you special version, which will work.

We apologize for difficulties and  we are sorry that  the update took a bit longer than expected.

If you run to any other problems, please let us know on

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