New Geotag Photos desktop app! (Beta 2 Available)

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New Geotag Photos desktop app! (Beta 2 Available)

Our goal is is to make geotagging as much user friendly as possible, that’s why we have added Dropbox export for seamless integration with Lightroom and now we excited to show you new Geotag Photos Desktop app – and yes,  Java is not required anymore! 

In a past few months there has been some changes on both Windows and OS X, which made using Java Web Start apps a little bit complicated. Some of you had problems launching Geotag Photos so we  decided to get rid of Java Web Starts, make standalone desktop app and improve the geotagging experience.

All you have to do is download and install Geotag Photos on your computer just like any other application.

The desktop app is currently in beta ad some details are not finished yet, but you can already try it now.

Geotag Photos desktop app works on OS X, Windows and Linux and you can download it from here:

PLEASE NOTE:  In case you’re OS X user, please make sure that you can install apps from “Anywhere” – this can be changed in Security section of System preferences. (We’re working on that)

We hope that you will like new app  and please let us know to if you run to any bugs or issues.

 UPDATE: New beta available under the same link

What do you think?