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Awesome Baby Monitor 3G review on Crash Test Mom TV

Natali Morris published a great review of Baby Monitor 3G  on Crash Test Mom TV channel.

We’re really glad that Natali liked Baby Monitor 3G and that she finds the app as an ideal travel companion. The list of pros and cons listed in review follows bellow and we’ve even received 3 badges 🙂

– Easy set-up – download the app on two devices, designate one as the baby station and one as the parent station, pair them, and you’re on the air
– Monitor your baby the way you want – parent station can notify you when the baby moves or makes a sound or you can set it up to continuously send the video feed
– Soothe your baby with your voice through the parent station
– Mobile – despite the name, this works over 3G, 4G, and WI-fi, so you can monitor your baby on-the-go
– Grandma/babysitter-friendly – anyone with an iOS device and the app can access it
– Quality – picture and sound are both very good and as reliable as your home WI-FI network
– Great for travel – no need to bring a baby monitor with you on the road
– Price – Baby Monitor 3G costs $3.99 in the iTunes app store or $4.99 in the Mac app store. A lot cheaper than a baby monitor that costs hundreds of dollars, but then again, your iOS devices aren’t cheap either, so you have to factor that in

– Hijacks your iOS device – Any device designated as the baby station is pretty much out of commission when baby is sleeping

Once again, many thanks to Natali and If you haven’t used the Baby Monitor 3G yet, give it a try and download it from the App Store to your iPhone or iPad.


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