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Baby Monitor 3G app is getting better with new update

New update of Baby Monitor 3G should be available this week! It’s not any boring “various improvements and bug fixes” release, but it contains some new exciting features.

Let’s take a look on what’s new!

new update
Personalize Baby Monitor 3G

Choose if you have a baby boy or baby girl and set your child’s name. Instead of generic “Baby is sleeping” you will see the name of your child.  This great little feature was requested by many of you, so we hope that you’ll like it. You can make these settings on the Baby station. Click on the settings icon located on the top right and go to “My baby” section.

A cleaner look

As you can see on the screenshots, Baby Monitor 3G get a small facelift 🙂 Everything is exactly as you’re used to, we have just polished few things to make it more modern and clean.

Baby station battery info

Tap anywhere on the parent station screen and you will see how much battery the baby stations devices has. If the battery level of baby station became too low, you will be immediately alerted.

Better video

Video stream now looks even better than before.

Dimmed screen on baby station

Screen of baby station is now completely dimmed while it’s active. This feature can be disabled in settings

iOS7 support

Baby Monitor 3G works great on new iOS7, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues when downloading new iOS.

Russian localization

Hopefully all the parents in Russia will be thrilled about this.

Improved network connectivity

Few of you reported us that some hotels and corporate networks have secured wifi networks, which sometimes disconnects the app.  We’ve made big steps in ensuring, that Baby Monitor 3G will work in these “extreme” network conditions.

We hope that you’ll like new update and it would be awesome, if you could write a review on the App store.  And if you have any questions, just let us know on

If you’re not using Baby Monitor 3G yet, it’s about time to download it on  iTunes App store to your iPhone or iPad  🙂

PS. Another updates with new features are coming soon, the Mac version will get the baby station abilities and the iOS verison? Let us know in the comments which new features you wish the most.

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