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How to solve audio and video issues on iOS7

UPDATE: New version of Baby Monitor 3G is out and any connection and video issues on iOS7 should be fixed. Regarding the audio problem, it seems like Apple fix this issue in iOS 7.0.2. In case you’re having audio problems, please try to update your system to 7.0.2, which is already available.

As far as we know, some iOS7 users may experience issues with audio on their devices. The audio doesn’t work at all or apps display the error message saying that another application is using audio.

It usually helps to reboot your phone. If rebooting won’t do the trick, check out this discussion – there are other workarounds how to make audio on your device to work. Hopefully the iOS 7.0.1 which should fix audio glitches is coming soon.

Few of you reported problems with video stream not being available after some time. This could affect only a small amount of Baby Monitor 3G users (less than 0,1%), but we’re deeply sorry about this. The update on the way, but Apple has to approve it first, so it will be available next week.

We really apologize for difficulties and if you have any questions or if you find out that something is not working great, please let us know.


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