What to do when Geotag Photos stops working on background

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What to do when Geotag Photos stops working on background

Some of our users reported us, that  Geotag Photos Pro is not logging their position when running in background on  iOS7.

The solution is really simple:

Geotag Photos Pro has to be able to access “Background app refresh

To verify that, open Settings app, go to General settings > Background app refresh and make sure that Geotag photos is enabled.

Background app refresh on ios7


Lots of Tech and Apple-related blogs advised to turn off the Background app refresh in order to improve battery life.

What “Background app refresh” does, is that it allows apps to access internet connection (either wifi or cellular) and location services while running on background. In theory  disabling this can improve the battery life, because the app will not use any of those features when it’s not visible to the user. On the other hand, there are apps like Geotag Photos Pro, their main purpose is to work on the background. When you disable “Background app refresh” to Geotag photos pro, it can’t access GPS and therefore it stops recording your position.

When it comes to battery life, we put great effort in optimizing Geotag Photos Pro so when you’re using the one or two minute logging interval, you most likely won’t  notice any battery drain. In case Geotag photos is not actually logging your position, is not doing anything on background, so its not affecting battery at all.

If you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy if you write us into comments below or shoot us an email at support@tappytaps.com.


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