Introducing brand new Geotag Photos Pro desktop app!

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Introducing brand new Geotag Photos Pro desktop app!

We’re excited to tell you, that today we have released new Geotag Photos desktop app. Lot of you asked us to create standalone application instead of  universal Java app, so we made it a reality.

Starting today, you can download native geotagging app, that works on OS X, Windows and Linux.

We hope, that it will make Geotag Photos Pro much more comfortable and easier to use.

How can you get  the new desktop app?

It’s pretty simple:

1. Go to and login with your username and password

2. Download the right version according to your operating system and install it to your computer

3.  and that’s it 🙂

Screenshot 2013-11-21 22.02.23


We hope that you will like the comfort, that the new desktop app brings and if you run to any difficulties, just write us to comments bellow or shoot us an email to



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