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Baby Monitor 3G Thanksgiving sale!

thanksgiving sale

Baby Monitor 3G app in your phone, tablet or computer, can make your holidays more relaxing. That’s why we decided to offer it this weekend for  the special price!

From Thursday, 28th  to Sunday, 1th December, you can get:

Baby Monitor 3G for Mac for just  $0.99  (that’s 80% OFF)
Buy Now on Mac App store
Baby Monitor 3G for iOS for $2.99 (that’s 25% OFF)
Buy now iTunes App store

Hurry up to the App store, before the price goes up, and don’t forget  to share this great deal with friend, who might also enjoy Baby Monitor 3G.

Baby Monitor 3G app in a huge Thanksgiving sale
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PS. The lot of you’ve been asking about Baby Monitor 3G for Android…

And yes, we are working hard on Android version. It will be available in early 2014 and we can’t wait to share more details with you.

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