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New Geotag Photos Pro website

Today we’re happy to  unveil the brand new Geotag Photos websites! The Geotag Photos Pro app gained lot of features till the first launch in 2010, but this can’t be said about it’s webpage. That’s the reason we’ve decided to completely rebuild the 


We wanted to make it easier for you to learn about Geotag Photos Pro features and give you better access to your trips and account settings.

Our second goal was to improve the help, section and create new user guide.  Aport from reading it  on the web, you can also download the iBooks and PDF versions.

We’ve made access to the new Geotag Photos desktop app  much easier – simply download the version for your computer from home page.

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The user section is brand new as well. Your trip history never looked better and it’s incredibly easy to maintain your account.

We hope that new Geotag Photos website will make your experience with Geotag Photos Pro much better and let us know, what you think about it in comments bellow or shoot us an email on support@

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