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Save or share pictures of your child from Baby Monitor 3G

New Baby Monitor 3G update it’s out today, and it has a neat little feature, that we think, you’ll really like.

Baby Monitor 3G can sometimes capture moments, that you might like to remember. Sure, you can make a screenshot, but we’ve came up with a better solution.

Now you can capture snapshots from the video, that is streamed on parent station. You can save this picture or even share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram directly from the app.


Is pretty simple – just click on the green share icon on the bottom left of the video screen. Baby Monitor 3G will capture the hight resolution picture, that you can save, or share with your friends.

Apart from that, we’ve polished the app icon. It means that your home screen will look better than ever 🙂


At the moment we’re working hard on iOS 7 design and some other cool features are coming soon as well. Let us know in comments or on, which one you wish the most.




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