Geotag Photos Pro and Pebble smart watch meets together

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Geotag Photos Pro and Pebble smart watch meets together

We in TappyTaps are very keen in the new technologies – even when they are “bleeding edge”. One of the bleeding edge technologies are currently smart watches. Products like Pebble smart watch are pioneering products. Maybe they are not for everyone yet, but they shows the possibilities of the future.

Geotag Photos Pro Remote

We bought one Pebble watches few weeks ago and we identified nice use case for them – to use them as a remote for our Geotag Photos Pro app. The way how I (and probably most of you) work with Geotag Photos app is that we simply start logging in the beginning of the trip, then hide phone into backpack and forgot on it. It works pretty well in most cases. But during the trip, you want to be sure on some places, that latest and accurate position is logged. Maybe you want to log new position manually. Maybe change the frequency, how often are new points grabbed. Or simply just to be sure, that everything is OK (like you phone was not turned off because low battery or so).

For that quick status check & change of basic configuration looks the Pebble pretty ideal. So that we downloaded Pebble SDK and after few days, first version of  Geotag Photos Pro Remote for Pebble watch is here. It is simple, but has all features mentioned above. I personally used it during one trip (yes, it is part of our job to go for trips for testing :-)) and was quite happy with it. You have to simply try it to see advantage of this.

The Geotag Photos Pro Remote app is available on the Pebble App Store since today (you can find it in Remotes category). The new version of Geotag Photos Pro that will support it will be released probably next week (or when Apple will approve it) was just released. Only iOS version is supported now.

The Geotag Photos Pro Remote is free now. Later we will charge for it some small one time fee as in app purchase from the Geotag Photos Pro phone app.

Update: Geotag Photos Pro 3.5 was approved by Apple – so that you can download new version with Pebble support from the App Store. Enjoy!

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