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Avoid anti bark collars and try Dog Monitor instead

We’ve received cool story from one of our users – Amanda,  that might as well help others, who are having barking problems.

I opted for this app after neighbours complained about my German shepherd barking whilst I was at work, I thought she maybe suffering separation anxiety, son initially used the app to see how she behaved, from day one, when she barked, I just spoke the word quiet through the device and she stopped , I also noticed where she preferred to lie, so moved her bed, after that first day or two, I have witnessed her lying down and resting most of the day, totally calm and relaxed, brilliant app, had tried so many things before but nothing worked.

Was even considering an anti bark collar, which was my last resort so am over the moon with this app, even my neighbours commented saying, we don’t know what you’ve done, but it’s worked, and were amazed themselves when I told them about the app.
Thank you

Many thanks to Amanda for letting us share this story. If your doggy barks when left home alone, definitely give the Dog Monitor a try .

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