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Baby Monitor 3G is coming to Android this April

We have been keeping busy here, but we’ve taken a break to share some great news with you: the Baby Monitor 3G app is coming to Android last week in April! 

And yes,  it will work across all the platforms. You can use the app on your two Android devices or pair it up with any iPhone, iPad or Mac.

With Baby Monitor 3G inside your phone, tablet or Mac you’ll be able to:

  • Rest or work while your baby sleeps – safe in the knowledge that you’ll hear every single noise from the child’s room.
  • View pictures of your baby remotely on your Android device.
  • Talk, soothe and sing to your baby all from your device no matter where you are in the house.
  • Have a baby monitor with unlimited reach, because the app works over both wifi and cellular network

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The first version will miss some features that are currently available on the iOS version. For example, the app will take still snapshots on Wi-Fi (the iOS version shows live video).  The reason for this approach is that we want to be sure that the basic functionality works before we start building video capabilities on that. These features are coming as free update this summer.

If you have any questions regarding the Baby Monitor 3G, please feel free write in comments  bellow this article or shoot us an email on

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