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How to use Baby Monitor 3G on family vacation

How to use Baby Monitor 3G on family vacationIt is summertime and for most of us it means vacation time! Traveling with kids is challenging. Load of joys and experiences on the one hand and a lot of struggles and worries on the other hand. After busy days, we – parents, look forward to nice evenings sitting on the terrace with mate or friends and enjoying sunset and glass of good wine. And how about children sleeping indoors? No worries, they are monitored by Baby Monitor 3G 🙂

Are you planning family vacation abroad? If yes, don’t forget to install Baby Monitor 3G and read following tips “How to use Baby Monitor 3G on family vacation”.

Baby Monitor 3G works anywhere, where is the internet connection. There are following options how to connect both devices:

1) Use the wifi network at the hotel or place where you stay

Using hotel’s wifi network is the easiest way to monitor your baby and enjoy the time with family or friends. The application enables you to check your child and don’t be afraid about the range.

Sometimes wifi networks in hotels are protected by firewalls that are preventing Baby Monitor 3G from making connection. You can try to solve this trouble by turning on the option “Alternative connection”. For more info, please see our step-by-step tutorial. If it doesn’t help the wifi is probably too much secured and we recommend using another way for connecting of both devices (see below).

2) Buy a local sim card with mobile internet

Cheap and reliable way for checking of sleeping child. Most of local operators offer budget-wise tariffs including mobile internet for reasonable prices. How much data do you need?

The application is developed with the focus on low data consumption. One hour of standard use requires less than 2 MB of data – this is less than what you need for sending one larger photo by email.

Even if you are connected via cellular internet connection you can hear any noise, talk to your child and see him/her via photos. Due to the focus on low data consumption and costs for data, video feature (iOS) is not available in this case.

3) Use internet roaming

The costs depend on the price list of your mobile operator. Before leaving for holiday, call to your operator’s service center and ask for the prices per MB in roaming. The application requires about 2 MB per hour.

How to save valuable cellular data?

When using mobile internet (local sim or roaming), don’t forget to check on both devices that other applications are not allowed to transfer data in background.

For iOS users:

Go to general Settings and tap on “Cellular”. If you swipe to the bottom of the screen, you will see the list of applications that usually connect to cell data. For saving data, turn off all unnecessary applications except of Baby Monitor 3G.

Turn off all unnecessary applications except of Baby Monitor 3G

Your iOS device also syncs your email, contact and calendar on a regular basis. To save another small amount of data go to Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Fetch New Data. Set the longest interval when it should sync or select Manual.

Turn off synchronization of mail

For Android users:

Go to Settings > Data usage and scroll down.You can see the list of applications that are allowed to use cellular data and how much traffic they make. Tapping on any app on the list, opens the menu for disabling background data on mobile networks. Don’t forget to check that Baby Monitor 3G is allowed to use cellular data.

Baby Monitor 3G is allowed to use cellular network Restrict other apps to connect via cellular network


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