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Nice status bar for App Store screenshots

Making perfect app is not only about making app itself. One of important subjects is the presentation in the App Store. Because we have more apps and we localise them to dozen of languages, preparation of all assets is not simple thing. During years of development, we automated many tasks. Now we decided to share our tools and libs that we are using for generating screenshots, submitting assets into iTunes connect and so on.

Let’s start with screenshots. First issue with screenshots is the status bar. When I see in App Store screenshot with “Carrier” text instead of real carrier name, or with T-Mobile DE when I am from another country I feel weird. It is same, when you go to shopping and labels on the products are in some strange language. So let’s start with this, it is easy to fix. About a year ago, we found nice gist on GitHub, that declassified status bar customisation on the iOS. We decided to create Pod from this library and add some useful function to automate carrier and time info.


What this simple package do in short is to set carrier name and time format based on language settings in the app. We have database of most used carriers in different countries, so that we are set AT&T in USA, T-Mobile DE in Germany and so on. We don’t have carriers for every country (yet), but feel to send me pull request or email.

It also contains some fine tuning methods (that I borrow from another GIT project), so that you can set WiFi and carrier strength and so on.

Feel free to get iOSFakeCarrier through CocoaPods or look at GitHub project.

What do you think?