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Dog Monitor updated

Since its release our Dog Monitor has helped to many caring dog lovers to make their life easier and worry less about their dogs when they are away. Thanks to the app, some of you manage to solve the separation anxiety, barking and howling. You sent us many ideas how to make Dog Monitor better and we would like to thank you for that.

We worked hard to comply yours wishes and today we are really excited to introduce you new update with many awesome improvements.

The most requested feature was the possibility to watch video stream and not to be limited by the same wifi network. This version of Dog Monitor enables you to monitor your dog through video stream even when one device is connected to your home wifi network and the other device to different wifi or via 3G/LTE.

Watch your dog live on video stream


The other features we added include brightness slider of night light, darkening of dog station’s LCD just by tapping on it and many other almost invisible changes of the code that make Dog Monitor  better and stable solution for monitoring of your four-legged friends.

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We hope you like these improvements and find them useful.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed – you can contact us here in comments below the article or on

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