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New update of Baby Monitor 3G! Video stream is now available over any network.

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We worked hard to bring you huge update of iOS version of Baby Monitor 3G with many great improvements. It was released today, so lets have a look what’s new:

1) Video  Stream Is Now Available Over Any Network

Thanks to this awesome improvement you are not limited by the same wifi network and  you can watch your baby via live video stream even if one device is connected to different wifi network or via 3G/LTE. If you have limited mobile internet plan, you can easily disable this option in the settings.

2) Night Light Brightness Adjustment

Now it is possible to adjust the brightness of Night Light. For changing the default settings, just please start Night Light and use slider bar in the left bottom corner.

3) LCD Darkening On Baby Station By Tapping

No more waiting for Baby – Parent stations connection. This new function enables you to dark LCD of your Baby Station device immediately, just by tapping on the screen.

And a lot of 4) almost invisible improvements in the code to make Baby Monitor 3G the most reliable and easy to use baby monitoring app 🙂

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We hope you find these awesome improvements useful and enjoy them.  Let us know how you like the update in comments or on

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