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Baby Monitor 3G has a sibling! Baby Dreambox was born!

“How to get my baby sleep through the night?“ is one of the biggest concerns all new parents have. Their sleep deprivation then can lead to desperate solutions like driving with their baby around the block to make it fall asleep or purchasing expensive white noise machines.


That’s why we’ve released a Baby Dreambox, the iOS and Android app that helps parents soothe their babies and get more sleep every night.

Key Baby Dreambox features:

  • Smart TimerMore than 20 high quality soothing sounds and melodies, hand picked and tested on developers’ little ones. You can choose sounds of nature as well as lullabies, travelling or household sounds.
  • Smart timer listens to your baby and plays the soothing melody only when it’s awake. As soon as your little one starts dreaming, the sound gently stops, and starts again if needed.
  • Parents can record own lullabies or fairy tales and their baby can fall asleep listening to it every night

There are plenty of sleeping apps on the App Store, but our goal was to make something designed exclusively for parents. Baby Dreambox is not the first parenting app from us. We have a lot of experience helping parents with our award-winning Baby Monitor 3G.

Baby Dreambox is available on iOS and Android for $2 and it doesn’t need internet for its running.

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