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Baby Monitor 3G lets you check on your baby from your wrist

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We always work hard to make Baby Monitor 3G better, helpful and always at hand, so that it can be reliable assistant in monitoring of your baby. Therefore we watch the newest trends and products, which can help us to bring you peace in mind.

Right now we’re finishing Baby Monitor 3G for Apple Watch, which should be ready when Apple Watch is launched in April 2015 and we want to proudly share a few details with you.

How can Baby Monitor 3G for Apple Watch help you?

  • alert you when baby awakes up
  • show you a video of your child
  • give you an overview of last noise, length of monitoring session and battery status

To demonstrate these features better, we prepared a short video.

At the moment the Apple Watch app can’t replace the second device yet, but it gives you the most important information in a very convenient way about what’s happening in your child’s room.

Even though we would love to let you hear your child and talk to it, sadly it is not possible yet. Due to limits of Apple Watch operating system, our app is not allowed to use microphone and speakers at the moment. Overall we think it makes a sense to a have to baby monitor this close to you. Quite a few parents check their baby monitors really often and don’t leave them out of sight. The Apple Watch will give you peace of mind. You can hang out with your friends in the garden while your baby sleeps, knowing that your watch will let you know if your little one needs you.

Baby Monitor 3G for Apple Watch will be available with the launch of Apple Watch in April 2015. Right now you can install the app on your iOS, Android and Mac device and combine them as you need. For more info about the application please see or  visit the App Store.

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