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FIFA 18 (PS4 / PlayStation 4) and Xbox One News

The version for Nintendo Switch of FIFA 18 will be “made to measure”: One of the main doubts of fans about FIFA 18 and its announcement for Nintendo Switch was whether it would end up dealing with a port made without too much pampering and coming from lower platforms. Electronic Arts take time trying to send an optimistic message that dissuades users from thinking like that, but today it has offered more tangible details. “What you will have will be a tailor-made version for Switch, and made by the FIFA development team based in Vancouver,” said Peter Moore, one of the company’s executives.

FIFA 18 shown on Switch may not be representative:

A few days after the release of Switch, Nintendo has released a new announcement that has shown the Japanese audience how to play FIFA 18 PS4 in the new hybrid system of the Kyoto. Although many media echoed the surprising appearance, the reality is that in the lower right of the advertisement you could see a message in Japanese stating that “the game is still in development and could vary at launch.” FIFA 18 is accessible for different gaming frameworks, including the PS4 and Xbox One, among others.

Therefore, before drawing conclusions about the appearance of the soccer simulator in the new console of Nintendo, it should be understood that the present sample does not respond to another goal than advertising purposes, as already made 2K and Bethesda in its day with the presentation Of NBA 2K18 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the debut of Nintendo Switch a few months ago. FIFA 18, however, is confirmed for next fall on the hybrid machine.

Next, to FIFA 18, we can see how its users play Dragon Quest Heroes, the spin-off of the Square Enix series in the field of mass battles. For his development, he counted on the collaboration of Omega Force, creators of the franchise Dynasty Warriors in Koei Tecmo. Dragon Quest Heroes will arrive on Nintendo Switch in the Dragon Quest Heroes I-II pack, collecting the two releases released to date.

EA rules out that the FIFA of Nintendo Switch will be the one of 360 and PS3:

EA confirmed its support for Switch with a version of its FIFA in the new console of Nintendo. On the day of the presentation of the machine, Tom Phillips, a journalist with the UK portal Eurogamer, talked about the game, saying that its sources confirmed that the version was based on deliveries of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It seems that the statement did not like Peter Moore, COO of Electronic Arts, who answered the journalist in the social network.

Moore recalled and quoted his company’s official message regarding the new FIFA, which ensures that the product is “made to measure for Nintendo Switch.” Of course, wait until new information is given to know if it is true or EA Sports chooses to do something similar to what was seen with FIFA 13 at the premiere of Wii U, in which the publisher launched a delivery based on FIFA 12 Failed to convince buyers of the Nintendo system.

It seems clear that the commitment of EA in Switch depends on the good results that you reap FIFA in the present 2017; No one has set a date for its release but is presupposed its arrival along with other versions of the obvious FIFA 18.

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